Dwight Howard's baby mama wants to get paid to fight in court.  The reality television actress Royce Reed wants Howard to pay her to continue their custody battle in court.  I don't think this makes any sense but I guess its worth a free throw shot.

Reed and Howard have been battling forever in court for sole custody of their son.  It has been public especially since Reed appeared on Basketball Wives on VH1.  Since things went public, both parties have gone back and forth very aggressively.

Reed now claims she needs more money to pay her lawyers to win the court battle against Howard.  Reed is asking the courts to make Superman pay the legal bills.  According to Reed, Howard makes over a million dollars a month. She feels he can out spend her in legal fees which will make her have to throw in the towel.

How much does Reed need to fight?  According to TMZ, Reed needs just a little over $100k.  Should the courts make Dwight Howard pay Royce Reed money to fight him in court?