If you don't necessarily like mayonnaise, this could change your mind. As a matter of fact if you absolutely hate mayonnaise, this opportunity may change your tune, and taste buds.

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Kraft is looking to hire someone for a Mayodorsement, and trust me the job pays well  - I am talking $10,000. Do you have what it takes to be the face of Kraft Mayonnaise? Are you willing to put the mayo where your mouth is so to speak? For th is kind of cash, it is worth a shot.

If you are interested in applying for the gig, you have to act fast. Submissions must be entered by Friday, May 14th and creativity is key. Applicants must  follow @RealKraftMayo and post a video about your mayo love (or a sonnet, or a song, or a recipe – you get it) on Instagram or Twitter using #KraftMayodorsement #Contest.

I like it because there are not a lot of hoops to jump through, like I said you just need to be creative. Do you have a song in your heart for mayonnaise? If so, it is time to share it with the world. What have you got to lose? For $10K it is worth putting yourself out there.

As soon as I finish typing this article, I am going to write a song for my boyfriend Nick to enter with. What rhymes with mayonnaise? Summer days? Frito Lays? Tequila trays? It's a work in progress.

There is no purchase necessary to enter, and you can see the complete list of rules here. Good luck.

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