Sitting in your car and waiting for someone to bring your groceries out from the store is so ... 2020, wouldn't you say? Kroger has announced that it will begin offering grocery delivery via drones later this year.

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Kroger announced today that it will be partnering with Drone Express and will begin testing the program as early as this week.

Not just home delivery

Customers will not only be able to get groceries delivered to their homes, but the drone program will allow for delivery to the location of their cellphones. This means if you run out of snacks while you're attending school activities or run low on sunscreen while you're at the beach, you'll be able to get delivery on the spot.

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A Kroger spokesperson says the company recognizes the importance of flexibility.

"Kroger's new drone delivery pilot is part of the evolution of our rapidly growing and innovative e-commerce business – which includes pickup, delivery, and ship," said Kroger's Jody Kalmbach, group vice president of product experience. "The pilot reinforces the importance of flexibility and immediacy to customers, powered by modern, cost-effective, and efficient last-mile solutions."


How long will delivery take?

Kroger says customers will be able to place orders and have some eligible purchases delivered in as little as 15 minutes.

When does the program start?

According to WXYZ, Kroger and Drone Express will be testing the program this week in Ohio. They hope to begin offering the service to customers later this spring.

The exact dates and areas where the program will be available are not yet known.


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