This week I made a major change in my appearance by going to the barber and taking hair off my head. I have thought about doing this for several months now and really just went for it.  I suffered from having a hairline similar to LeBron James and my hair not fully grown back like it use to.  I'm already comfortable with my decision but I want to hear from the ladies. 

I was warned before cutting my hair off that women either love a bald head or hate them.  One guy I know who rocks the hairless head said women are split down the middle on their preference.  Nothing swayed my decision in cutting my hair off besides the fact I was looking like LeBron.

Ladies, I want to hear from you, do you find the bald head attractive?  I'm talking Mr. Clean bald head.  Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below or taking the poll.  Shoot me some personal feedback on my Twitter. [@YaBoyLV]