One cover of the January 2012 issue of ELLE U.K. is not enough for Lady Gaga. The cover chameleon and futuristic fashion plate appears in two different ensembles and colors on two separate covers for the women’s interest magazine.

The issue, which drops today, features Mama Monster in a coral lace number, complete with a forehead accessory, as well as a mint-green tulle frock, as well. It also has its own headband. Alexander McQueen and Simone Rocha designed the outfits she wore on the covers. Gaga has made no secret of her ardent love for the late, great McQueen and the most fitting tribute she can pay him is to wear his gorgeous designs in fashion mags.

Lady Gaga’s fixed her hair in that blunt, choppy white-blonde bob, with little to no makeup, save for super pale pink lipstick and some peach eyeliner. Gaga looks like a futuristic fashion alien — something tells us she’d love that compliment.

Gaga was candid in her feature story, as well, acknowledging the fact that even if you don’t like her music, you can’t deny her dedication. “Some of those people admire the commitment to the work,” she said. “That to me is more important than anything.” Commitment is right. Gaga performs on a show in London one day and in L.A. right after. She has an infallible work ethic.

Here is a rundown of the bombshells Gaga dropped in the cover story:

She dated men twice her age and she discourages her lil’ monsters from following suit: “I had abusive relationships: I dated men much older than me — I was 15, they were 30 — which I don’t recommend. I was never brave enough to be the person who I am today.”

Gaga doesn’t care if you think she is a hermaphrodite with ambiguous genitalia: “My fans don’t care what I am, that’s what I like about them. They don’t care if I’m a boy or a girl or an in-between or a phoenix or a mermaid or a unicorn. They don’t care.”

She is the biggest pop star on earth because she has no fear: “I don’t regret anything. If I’d known things back then I wouldn’t be where I am now, because so much of who I am is based on a lack of fear. I have no fear.”

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