Walk, walk, fashion baby!

Lady Gaga has allegedly been offered big bucks to star in the sequel to 'Zoolander,' the male model comedy that featured Ben Stiller as a vapid runway walker.

Jennifer Aniston's fiancé Justin Theroux penned the script and is planning to direct the sequel, which is expected to hit the multiplex in 2014, which would be 13 years after the original.

Stiller, who will step into the not-so-sensible shoes of Derek Zoolander again, reportedly wants Gaga as his leading lady and is willing to pay her $4.8 million dollars in order to entice her to take the part. That's a big payday for the Mother Monster and could be the plum part to kickstart the movie career she has talked about wanting one day.

According to a report, Stiller believes Ma Monster has both the talent and the attitude needed to be believable in the role.

Gaga would play the female in the love triangle with Zoolander and his rival Hansel McDonald, played to perfection by Owen Wilson. So she'd be the bone of contention between too aging male models. The comedic possibilities are endless.

If Gaga isn't feeling it, however, there are plenty of other hot candidates on Stiller's wish list, including Kate Moss, Kate Upton and Adriana Lima. We'd love to see Gaga sink her teeth into this role, though!

Details about the script and the plot are scarce, other than the fact that both Zoolander and McDonald have aged and are no longer the toast of the male model scene.

Expect the film to be fashion-packed with designers and models. That's right in Gaga's wheelhouse, since she is such a fashion world darling at this point in her career, so we don't get how she could say no -- she would be hanging with her friends and collect nearly $5 million.

It's a win-win.

Do you think Gaga would be perfect for a role in the 'Zoolander' sequel, PopCrushers?

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