The cameras of photographer Terry Richardson absolutely love Lady Gaga. Days after posting images of the Mother Monster looking like a bird-superhero hybrid in feathers and a cape while perched outside the Chanel boutique, the snapper shared a ton of images of the ‘Marry the Night’ singer while backstage, getting her makeup done, posing with little monsters, stretching before the show and wearing turbans.

Richardson even captioned one of the photos, saying that Gaga considers turbans “the new Jesus.” The shots of her nimble body contorting into positions that we didn’t think we humanly possible are jaw-dropping. How does she do that?!

She had her new “Louis Vuitton brown” hair tucked into the turban, but was also back to her platinum blonde wig in other shots, since that’s a signature look in her shows.

Her puppy Fozzie Bear is in a lot of the shots, too. He clearly lives the life. That cute canine lucked out. How about those mega eyelashes too? Those need their own zip code. There’s more drama in those things than an episode of ‘Jersey Shore.’

Richardson documents many routine events of Gaga’s life, but everything feels glamorous and eventful, even if she’s just having her makeup done. He’s essentially sharing a photo diary of what life is like on the road for her. And we’ll keep looking.