The Los Angeles Lakers were swept by the Dallas Mavericks in the 2nd round of the NBA playoffs. I have friends who are not happy about it, but I didn't know Hitler was so mad about it too! This is a comedy spoof of Hitler showing how mad he is about Lamar Odom marrying Khole, The Lakers losing, and the Miami Heat.

This was well done. They put the proper words at the perfect place. I don't speak German but to me, that was exactly what he was saying. There are some funny parts in this, especially when he talks about Lamar Odom marrying Khole and not getting with Kim. People say he is the 3rd best Laker and got with the 3rd best Kardashian. Or when he talks about his Facebook page and how the Maverick fans are going to be al. I know I've got boys that are the same way when their teams lose. What Hitler and the Nazi's did was wrong... But this was funny!