The Lakers are going to work wtih G.L.A.D.D (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) after Kobe Bryant yells "slur" at referee during game.

In my honest opinion I think this is ridiculous. Kobe Bryant was in the heat of the moment during a game and was upset that he was called for a foul. While walking to the bench he slaps a chair, and curses to himself. Then he yells the refs name and later says "Fu##kin Fa**ot". Kobe says he didn't mean it literally but was fined $100K by the NBA.

Kobe did not mean it that way and I think any intelligent person knows he didn't. That's my first point. My second is that if you mic'd up every player or put the camera in their mouth like they did Kobe, The entire world would be offended at some point. It's not like he went to a known homosexual and was like "Hey Fa**ot"... that would be out of order. I think we're are getting waaaaaayyy too sensitive now a days! We are raising a bunch of wusses, who are going to be BROKEN if a person says one thing. I think that fact that they are bringing it up every 2 seconds and reminding people is making it worst.  Just my opinion, what's yours?

Kobe Byrant

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