I hope this wasn't a publicity stunt. I don't think it was but you never know. So Lauryn Hill baby daddy got messed up. Its not verified if Lauryn Hill was there but if she was I can only imagine she would have fought for her baby daddy. Sometime we have to be careful who we pick fights with. Obviously, Marley, Lauryn Hill's baby daddy, was thinking he could win, no sir.   Take Kevin Harts advice with it come down to picking fights.

Our photog only caught a couple of seconds of what went down (literally, you'll probably have to replay a few times). But a source tells us Marley -- who baby daddied five kids with Lauryn Hill -- mistook someone outside the club as a valet, and that person took offense.

We're told Marley and the guy traded words and eventually fought. Sources say an off-duty cop who works at the club maced all involved - eventually putting Marley in the chokehold.

via Rohan Marley: I Got Maced and Chokeholded! | TMZ.com.