The Lakers can wait for LeBron James for now, he's busy opening a new school in Akron, Ohio for at-risk kids called "I Promise School". How awesome is LeBron!

LeBron James is slowly becoming my favorite person. A lot of athletes focus on the money, cars, and fame and do minimal community work. Now, I don't wanna bash any high paid athlete, any help is good help, but LeBron as usual is taking it to another level.

This school will be a perfect recipe for community growth, the details about this school is just amazing. Now only will this school help mold and develop academically challenged youth, but they're also helping out parents with GED's and job placement! THAT'S DOPE!

Hopefully this is a model that we can use throughout the country, Heck, we could use a few here in Flint.


More In-depth interview here.

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