Lil Jon is bringing some yuletide glee with his holiday song and video for “All I Really Want for Christmas.”

The veteran rapper has teamed up with the Kool-Aid Man (yes, the “Oh Yeah” pitcher-like guy) to help usher in the season of gift-giving with their X-mas ditty.

In the clip, Lil Jon is spreading holiday cheer while dumping out egg nog and replacing it with glasses of kool-aid. Elsewhere, several kids are dancing around the Christmas tree while the Crunk master shows off various gifts he received including a Kool-Aid Man ugly sweater. Oh yeah!

“Everybody in here V-I-P/Ol’ St. Nick, that’s the MC/He has us burning off some old CDs/Playing all of your favorite hits from A to Z,” raps Lil Jon in the vid.

It’s not as infectious as the beloved Run-DMC holiday classic “Christmas in Hollis,” but kids should get a kick out of the song.

Lil Jon has been a pseudo-Santa Claus to children in Ghana. In October, the rapper-producer gifted the kids there with his second primary school in the African country a year after he opened his first.

With the help of Pencils of Promise, Lil Jon opened the doors to the Mafi Atitekpo DA Primary School, which is located in the village of Mafi Atitekpo. The Ghanaian school has reportedly enrolled over 300 students.

“Last year [October of 2017] I went with my family to open up my first Pencils of Promise school in Ghana, and now to have over 300 kids already enrolled in my second school there is incredible!” he shared in a statement. “It’s been really fulfilling to see the impact these schools have made on so many of these children’s and families’ futures.”

Watch Lil Jon and the Kool-Aid Man's "All I Really Want for Christmas" Holiday Video below.

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