Lil Nas X came out to the world as gay earlier this summer, but the journey has not been an easy one for him.

On Monday (Sept. 30), CBS shared a preview of the "Old Town Road" rapper's upcoming interview with the network, and in it, he tells reporter Gayle King about his struggle to come to terms with his sexuality. He revealed that when he was younger, he used to hope the feeling was only temporary.

"I knew, especially around my teenage years," Lil Nas X said to King after she asked him how long he'd known that he was gay. "I would just pray and pray and pray that it was like..." Before Nas X could complete his sentence, King asked him what he was praying for. From there, Lil Nas X gave an answer.

"That it was, like, a phase," Nas said. "I mean because, me being in this position it's easy for me. But like, some little boy 10 miles from here, it's not gon' be good for him."

While he agreed that him coming out was going to help young men, he noted that there is still a long way to go for the gay community to be fully accepted.

"It’s been a wild last 7 months and im ready to take a little time off," he revealed to fans on Twitter on Friday (Sept. 27). "Sorry to everyone attending twitchcon or the sandbox music festival, i will not be there. i love u guys and will make it up to you some way."

The full interview with Gayle King airs on CBS on Tuesday (Oct. 1).

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