It looks like Lil Pump owes the tax man a substantial amount of money once again.

According to court documents obtained by XXL today (Nov. 18), the Internal Revenue Service hit Lil Pump with a whopping federal tax bill of $1,676,738.65. The lien was filed against the South Florida rapper's $5 million Miami mansion on Oct. 14, 2021. If Pump does not pay the long-overdue bill for taxes owed from December of 2018, the IRS will most likely seize his property.

The document includes info that the IRS has made a demand for payment, which remains unsatisfied. The Notice of Federal Tax Lien indicates that "there is a lien in favor of the United States on all property and rights to property" that belongs to Lil Pump "for the amount of these taxes, and additional penalties, interest, and costs that may accrue."

This isn't unfamiliar territory for the Lamborghini-loving rapper. Back in April, Pump was slapped with a tax bill he owed for $8,9378.68 from December of 2019.

Pump, born Gazzy Garcia, denied that he owed the IRS money and called the news reports of him owing Uncle Sam a joke on social media. "Do not believe the internet, that shit is all cap, bruh," Pump said in an Instagram video. "[$]90,000? That's on my wrist right now. Another 90? That's on my neck. Don't play with my body."

Lil Pump copped his five-bedroom, seven-bathroom Miami mansion in July of 2019, following the release of his second album, Harverd Dropout.

The rhymer has been keeping himself busy making music this year. In August, he released his materialistic banger "Racks to the Ceiling" featuring Tory Lanez. Recently, the 21-year-old artist dropped his guitar-strumming track "In Da Way."

Lil Pump is also making waves in the NFT world, where he’s reportedly selling a share of his music royalties for his upcoming track "Mona Lisa" featuring Soulja Boy.

XXL has reached out to reps for Lil Pump for a comment.

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