The Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA) has issued a recall on certain cannabis products that had inaccurate or unreliable test results.

Cannabis in Michigan is here to stay and it's the biggest growing industry in the world, but that doesn't come without its problems. That's why it's so important to have agencies like the MRA monitor and test products so that the consumer is safe.

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 The MRA is issuing this health and safety advisory bulletin for all marijuana products tested by Viridis Laboratories, LLC (license numbers SC-000009 and AU-SC-000113) and Viridis North, LLC (license numbers SC-000014 and AU-SC-000103) except for inhalable marijuana concentrate products such as:


  • Vape carts.

  • Live resin.

  • Distillate.

  • Any other cannabis concentrate created through residual solvent extractions.

If anything this shows that the systems that are in place are working and why it's so important to get products from a licensed dealer. More often than not I see people steadily going to the streets for cannabis but this article proves exactly why you shouldn't. Untested cannabis products that hit the streets can cause a whole list of health problems!  I've heard plenty of horror stories in Flint about people buying weed off the street and it was laced with some kind of foreign substance to artificially increase potency.

Just be safe out here and always get your products from a licensed facility. These streets don't care about your health...

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