Lil Uzi Vert can't leave rap alone, the game needs him. Amid a staunch stance that he is retired from music, a video for his track titled "Closing It" hits the internet.

The song is a remix of Tisakorean’s “DIP” and the video features viral dance sensation 10K Caash. Shot by JMoney1041, the grainy visual features Uzi and a number of other people busting out dance moves to the lit track.

"I got a Glock, it got a stick, it got a mop like a custodian/I got the sauce, you bitches soak in it," Uzi raps. "I got the sweet aromatic with dope in it/My Patek so wet, it's so clean, put some soap in it/I went in Gucci and I'm closing it/I went in Louie and I'm closing it/You went in Prada and you stole from it."

Uzi has been clear on his plans to give up music after constant struggles with his record label have apparently broken his spirit. Other people have said otherwise, however. Quavo and Lil Yachty recently announced upcoming collabs with the Philly rapper on Twitter.

Earlier this month, Uzi admitted to deleting all of his music, probably out of frustration. "I gotta start over. I really deleted everything. No lie," he said in video clip that surfaced on social media.

Check out the video for Lil Uzi Vert's "Closing It" track below.

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