I just came across this interview with Lil Wayne where he talks about liking Jersey Shore...Now this makes me feel better about DVR'ing the show every Thursday Night!! Weezy also talks about no listening to Drake or Nicki's album. See what he had to say

On not listening to Nicki Minaj and Drake's albums:

"Drake and Nik, don't take that no kind of way. I've never seen Toya's show either. I just started watching 'Jersey Shore'. The other day, Vinny had a 'free Weezy' shirt on. I rock with Vinny. I like Dina and Angelina and Jenny. Now, if I catch one of them, it's on. I like Dina's swag cause she's loud. Jenny, she could get it. When she goes out and throws them dresses on, she could get it."

"I like Pauly D and Vinny's swag. I ain't really on Ronnie and Mike like that. I like the fact they set a trend you are supposed to live by as a young male in this world. They go in the club and they really come back with something like every time. That's my favorite show right now."

via billboard.com

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