Lil Wayne Likes Jersey Shore
I just came across this interview with Lil Wayne where he talks about liking Jersey Shore...Now this makes me feel better about DVR'ing the show every Thursday Night!! Weezy also talks about no listening to Drake or Nicki's album. See what he had to say
Top Christmas Gifts, Really?
I was reading an article on about the Top 13 Pop Holiday Gifts this season. I remember when my little sister was really into New Kids On The Block and had all of the dolls, blankets, sheets, etc. I mean I had my  GI Joe figures, and He-Man, but never really wanted a MC Hammer or Vanill…
Billboards 15 Scariest Videos
Just in time for Halloween, listed the 15 Scariest Movies. Do you agree, can think of videos that scared you the first time you watched them?