Lil Wayne’s legal bills continue to mount as his own attorney is suing him over unpaid legal fees. Ironically, the lawyer that filed the lawsuit was helping Weezy sue Birdman in his ongoing legal case with Cash Money Records.

According to XXL, Wayne’s former attorney, Michael Kramer, is suing the Young Money leader for failing to pay $375,239 in legal fees. Mr. Krammer was representing Wayne in his legal fight to get released from Cash Money Records.

According to the suit, filed on Monday (Dec. 21) in Manhattan federal court, the “Believe Me” rapper agreed to pay an initial $20,000 retainer and monthly statement thereafter in July 2013. But Kramer alleges that Weezy hasn’t paid a legal bill in over a year. His law firm terminated Wayne as a client this past September due to the rapper's debt.

“I made numerous attempts to resolve the dispute amicably. These attempts were ultimately unsuccessful,” states Kramer in the suit.

Wayne has been racking up numerous legal cases this past year. This past April, his tour bus driver sued him alleging that the rapper threatened to kill him while driving him to his hotel.

In October, the law firm Garbett, Allen and Roza sued Wayne for $80,000 in unpaid legal fees after representing the rapper in a legal case against him by the Signature Group, a company that leases private jets. The 33-year-old rhymer lost that case and was ordered to pay $2 million. Subsequently, Weezy's Miami home was raided and his valuables seized to cover the debt. Wayne reportedly took out a $1.5 million loan to pay the Signature Group.

Reps for Lil Wayne had no comment on his legal cases.

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