Some seniors at Linden High School decided that the school sponsored Homecoming dance wasn't good enough, so they're going to throw their own.

Two seniors are spearheading the project because they didn't feel like the school homecoming dance was worth the money they spent.

The Homecoming 2.0 will be held off of school grounds, and since the students don't want everyone to spend any more money, they've made it free.

Sounds like a cut and dry situation, but now the school is stepping in to try and stop the dance.

They are encouraging parents to step in, and try to stop the kids from going.  They are also making sure that everyone knows that the school has nothing to do with this second homecoming.

While I don't really think a second homecoming is necessary, I definitely admire this kids drive.  Most kids in high school are so focused on getting out, or putting the bare minimum effort that they wouldn't take time to do this.

Do you think the second dance is a good idea?

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