Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan have teamed up yet again, only this time it's not to have an incredibly awkward sex scene no one wants to see. These days, Sheen is helping Lohan pay off her taxes.

In other words: Scratch his crazy back, and he'll scratch yours.

According to TMZ, the 'Scary Movie 5' stars allegedly bonded on and off-set and ended up talking about their lives, hopes, dreams and how much they miss their home planet of Mars.

Somewhere in their soul-searching, Lohan mentioned the $233,000 in unpaid taxes she owes since she "forgot" to pay them, and Sheen gallantly offered to contribute some of the assloads of money he's made playing himself over and over again to the cause. And while LiLo initially rejected his offer, he recently sent her business manager a $100,000 check anyway.

LiLo accepted the gift and applied it to her debt to Uncle Sam, leaving her only $133,000 in arrears -- or just a fraction of the $2 million she's expected to make this year.

But she probably needed the help. We find the IRS is super reluctant to accept payment in the form of self-tanner, pilfered jewelry and piss-poor movie reviews.

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