Trips to the zoo are always a good time for the whole family.  Kids get to see animals up close that they would normally never be able to.  They also get to see what those animals might want to do to them if there were no barrier.  Watch what happens when this toddler sees a kitty, and the kitty sees dinner.


I'm sure that the glass divider in this zoo is more than strong enough to hold back that lion.

I'm not sure that I would be able to watch my toddler be sized up for bit sized snacking.

I've had an issue come up with my 4 year old about the fact that humans can be considered food to some animals.  We read the book "Actual Size" recently, and started talking about which of the animals would eat us if they had the chance.  After a couple of nervous minutes of explaining that Lions, Sharks and Alligators don't live in Michigan he was amazed.

Watch this video, and think about having a talk with your kids about the fact that in certain situations, they could become food!