Matt Stafford took some time to have fun with Lions fans at a local Meijer, as he invited them into the Pepsi 'Can Cave'.

Stafford jokes around with some of the fans, inviting them into the party room that Pepsi built. Stafford plays the role of QB, party host, and bouncer in the 'Can Cave.'

He tosses a few completions in Meijer to fans, and lets almost everyone in . . . almost.

One guy gets denied as he is blocking the way for the cheerleaders, but Stafford tells him to walk it off.

This is just another example of the type of guy Stafford is . . . sure he probably got a ton of money to do the commercial, but he still did it.  A lot of guys would have said no strictly because they had to open themselves up to the public.  Stafford is open to the fans, and is finally becoming the face of the Lions.


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