Being the star of the school play can be a very stressful thing.  The lights, the crowd, the lines and the dinner you ate might all come sneaking up on you.

I honestly do feel bad for this little girl, because you can see how hard she is trying to hold it together.

But lets be honest with each other, I laughed and you will to when you watch it.

On second thought, lets just pretend that her puking is part of the script!

Yea, like the evil witch put an "upset stomach" spell on her! The spell clearly stated that anytime she would wear a purple and pink hat, she would lose her lunch in front a crowd!

Then lets pretend that the parents are the evil witches minions carting the star of our play off to a dungeon somewhere.

The janitor that covers the puke with sawdust is just a janitor though . . . covering puke with sawdust.  That's just what you do when someone pukes.