A student that attends St. Paul Catholic School in Grosse Pointe Farms was told to not return to school because of her hairstyle. At least that's the story that her mother is telling.

The student wasn't expelled from school but there was an email sent to her parents which is termed an invitation not to return.

According to WDIV, the 8th grade student got in trouble for wearing four cornrow braids on the top of her head while leaving the rest of her long brown hair loose around her face. That hairstyle apparently violates the dress code and is considered extreme.

The mother and her attorney believe the braids are some sort of an excuse or "cover" for something else. The mother claims to very vocal and direct with the school and has sent multiple emails about the school's masking policy.

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Holly Fournier, Associate Director of Communications for the Archdiocese of Detroit:

I can confirm the school is actively working with this family to find an amenable resolution to ongoing challenges. The parent is aware these challenges extend beyond any concerns about a hairstyle or mask usage.

The daughter also got into trouble this year when she painted her nails, which is also against the school's dress code.

I think there's a lot more to this story than what we've been given.

Look, if you're not happy with a dress code policy that's in place at the private school that you're paying to have your child attend, then remove the child from the school. It's a freaking private school, they call the shots.

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