The Michigan DNR is looking to fill hundreds of jobs ranging from part-time summer work to full-time state employees.

The Michigan State Parks are turning 100 years old this year, and that means there will be even more people enjoying them. The DNR is preparing for the uptick in visitors by hiring a lot of full and part-time workers.

I grew up in Northern Michigan and DNR jobs were like gold up there. After looking at the DNR job site though, there are many jobs in our area as well. There is a wide range of jobs on the list, including a bunch of seasonal work that would be perfect for students looking for summer work.

Not all of the positions are out in the wilderness though, you can also find desk jobs that are full and part-time positions. You can see a complete list of DNR jobs along with their description here.

Don't expect to just walk in and become a DNR Park Ranger or anything, but this is a great way to get your foot in the door toward a career with the Michigan DNR. Check out all the listings and qualifications for the DNR jobs here.

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