You don't have to travel to Middle Earth to try tasty pizza from the Shire, but you will need to take a drive to Kalamazoo, Michigan. That's where you'll find Bilbo's Pizza.

Established in 1976 by some friends in college, Bilbo's Pizza pays homage to the famous Tolkien trilogy chronicling the adventures of Hobbits. To put it in simple terms, this restaurant in Kalamazoo is a 'Lord of the Rings' themed pizzeria.

I'm a huge fan of 'Lord of the Rings' and pizza, so this place sounds like a little slice of heaven to me.

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Bilbo's Pizza:

We chose the name Bilbo's because of the enduring nature of the character by that name and the tree logo because of the singular and unusual (to Hobbits) existence of the Mallorn tree in Hobbiton that became the centerpiece for the grand birthday party that Bilbo threw for himself that signaled the beginning of the adventure of the War of the Ring.

Bilbo's Pizza is known for, well, their pizza but they also have a variety of other things on their menu. They have pizza, grinders, pasta, sandwiches, soups & salads, and desserts.

Bilbo's even has a full bar that incudes some cleaver cocktail names including:

  • Bloody Bilbo
  • Gandalf the Grey Drink
  • Elven Punch
  • Fires of Mordor
  • Hobbitolitain
  • Aragon's Old Fashioned
  • The Horn of Gondor

While I don't think the employees dress up like characters from Middle Earth, the restaurant’s interior design is inspired by the Tolkien trilogy. This place definitely throws off some serious Hobbit vibes.

Where is Bilbo's Pizza Located?

Bilbo's Pizza is located at 3307 Stadium Dr, Kalamazoo, MI 49008.

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