Lorde sprung onto the scene with her hit 'Royals', and is already becoming a pop star.  The girls of 'AcaBelle' at Florida State decided to pay Lorde a tribute by giving 'Royals' the acapella treatment it deserves.

That beat box tho!

I have to say, there are two main things that slap me in the face when I watch this.

1. These girls absolutely kill it!  The beatbox, the harmony's . . . everything is on point.

2. Is anyone else creeped out watching this video?  I can't deny the talent, but it just gets weird watching them, watching me watching them!  I mean, they aren't doing anything wrong, but maybe they should do something . . . or show something else.  I don't know what, but just SOMETHING!

Lorde just dropped her latest single called 'Team', check it out.