8 members of a Genesee County lottery club are a heck of a lot richer after they recently won $1.7 million.

According to MLive, the winners bought their ticket at MoJoe’s Food & Spirit, located at 4300 North State Road in Davison on April 1st.

After going bonkers from winning the $1.7 million, I'm sure it was a little difficult convincing people that they had really won the lottery since it was April Fool's Day.

I can only imagine how excited they all were after winning that kind of cash.

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Lotto club representative:

A group of us at MoJoe’s decided to go in on a Fast Cash ticket since the jackpot was high. One of the members looked it over and saw we had won, so another member scanned it on her Lottery app to confirm the prize. When the amount of $1.7 million came up on the screen, we got loud! We were all so excited.

While winning the lottery didn't turn the group into millionaires because they had to split their winnings between eight people, they still walked away with a lot of cash. If split equally, each winner would have scored over $200,000. Of course, that's not considering the massive chunk taken out for taxes. Either way it was a good day for all eight members of the lottery club.

The anonymous group didn't specify exactly what they were going to do with their winnings, but for now, they say, they'll simply save the money. Honestly, that's exactly what I would do too.

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