Bill Dugan has perfected the art of catching foul balls at Comerica Park during Tigers games.  He caught five at Monday's game, and gave them all to kids sitting around him.

So what's the secret to Dugan's success?

A good mix of luck and strategy basically, Dugan explains,

Fortunately, Comerica has a good landing course behind home plate. It's a good area to catch foul balls.

Five balls in one game might seem unbelievable, but it's not even the record for Bill.  He once caught 8 back in 2002.  YES, 8!  It should be noted that four of them were during pre-game warm ups, but still.

The area that Bill describes in the video is circled in the map below from the Tigers website.  You can click on the picture to buy tickets to the next Tigers game.


The fact that one man can catch so many foul balls is amazing, but watching him give them to kids in the park is priceless.  Salute to you Bill, keep restoring faith in humanity.