Mac Miller knows he was in a very different place when made the Faces mixtape, which dropped three years ago today. The rapper took time to reflect on the 2014 project, noting his drug-addled lifestyle while creating it.

“Woah or Whoa. I never know which one is correct get the point. Faces was special,” Miller wrote on Twitter. “I was not on planet earth when I made Faces. Nowhere close.”

Faces features copious drug references, which Miller once told XXL was becoming “corny” to continue talking about. During that conversation, the Pittsburgh rapper also explained how Rick Rubin helped him get in a better state of mind.

“Rick Rubin was someone that was really instrumental in helping me get to a better place,” Miller told XXL in 2015. “I didn’t go to rehab. I went to Rick Rubin’s house. I was in Europe doing a show and I was super wasted. I just called him like, 'I’m really wasted and I need you to help me.' So I got a house in Malibu, literally around the corner from him for the summer. I just did a lot of stuff with him that was just about getting healthy. It all started when I was meeting with different labels. Rick is working with Republic and they sent me to his house to play him some music. We just really hit it off and built a good relationship. He just really has a positive state of mind. I think there’s people in the industry that will take someone who’s fucked up on drugs and will try to milk that person for everything they can. Then there’s people that understand that you need good soil for something to grow.”

Check out Mac Miller’s tweets below.

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