On 'What Happened,' Maino and Jadakiss talk about the state of New York rap and lament about the city's lack of unity, radio stations like Hot 97 and Power 105.1's lack of support for local artists and strippers being the new A&R's. However, perhaps the biggest problem is a zombie outbreak.

The zombies seen in the video for the song come as a result of an infectious plague brought on by "years of subpar hip-hop." But as a violent zombie war rages in the streets of New York, Maino and Jadakiss are seen relatively safe indoors.

Maino wears a crown while rapping about his disappointments, and Kiss mourns the state of the city's scene with a friend. There's also a zombie stripper.

Jadakiss didn't just express his opinion about the hip-hop scene through song. He expressed his grievances to Ebro Darden when he visited Hot 97 with the LOX last year.