This guy may be in management, but he really ought to be in anger management.

Watch as this man completely loses his cool while at Heathrow Airport in London and quits his job. First, he slams his phone into his computer screen, then gives his two-week notice (filled with so much rage that we assume his exit from the company is ASAP) and then he throws his phone on the ground before closing his laptop and resting his head on it before putting his computer in his bag.

Geez, imagine how furious he's gonna be when he finds out his flight is delayed.

Yikes, this guy is really ticked off, right? While we've no doubt all had bosses who've we wanted to speak to this way, this fella is one of the few to have the cajones to pull it off without having the luxury of winning the lottery to give him the courage to do so.

It's a shame about the phone and computer. He's going to need them to help him hunt for a new job.

You know you have to feel badly for, though? The guy sitting next to him on his flight? There's bound to be some fisticuffs when they wrangle for room on the arm rest.

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