Celebrity crushes are normal, but one man took his infatuation too far by physically rejecting his wife because she doesn't look like Megan Fox.

On Reddit, a frustrated wife revealed her husband is so smitten with the Jennifer's Body star that it has caused a sexual rift in their marriage.

It all came to a head one night after the wife spent hours trying to initiate intimacy with her disinterested husband to no avail.

"I was trying to initiate intimacy and tried for [a] whole 10 hours from dropping hints, to touching, to kissing and even flat-out dirty talk but he was as cold as a rock," the wife wrote via Reddit. "I gave up and after dinner he sat down watching TV while I was doing the dishes."

When a "Megan Fox movie" came on the TV, her husband's entire mood completely changed.

"He's now feeling 'hot' and is breathing heavily. It was even one of those 'sexy' scenes (he is obsessed with her) ... I look at him and say, 'Really??? I've been trying to get this reaction from you for 10 whole hours!!!'" she continued.

Finally, her husband made a shocking declaration: "He says, 'What? No one turns me on quite like Megan.' I say, 'So no sex then huh?' and he responds, 'Well, not until you start trying to look more like Megan.'"

The woman was shocked by her husband's brazen comment.

"He said this so casually I almost lost my cool," she wrote, explaining the two had a "fight" before her husband went "to sleep in the guest room."

"I cried because I felt humiliated and ignored after all I've done for him," the wife continued. "I mean ... I cook, I clean, on top of that I work long hours, pay the bills and even his internet!!! It'd be a little nice to be shown love and appreciation every now and then but he keeps dismissing me completely."

She concluded her post by sharing his hurtful comment has left her feeling "very, very unappreciated."

In the comments section, Reddit users rallied behind the woman.

"Tell him to call Megan," one person wrote, while another commented, "You deserve so much more than a guy drooling after a celebrity he will never be with. If he can’t appreciate you over some movie star on TV, then you should leave him and let him dry hump the television. You shouldn’t have to change at all."

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