Reddit slammed a professor for being careless after a student spotted a link to inappropriate-for-school X-rated content on the educator's web browser during a screenshare with their class.

The Miami University student's Reddit post about the awkward moment went viral.

"I'm dying rn my professor is sharing his screen, and this is one of the tabs," the anonymous student wrote on the forum on June 26, sharing a photo they took of the professor's screen snafu.

The photo revealed a close-up of the professor's bookmarked browser tabs, which were inadvertently shown to the class during the screenshare.

One of the tabs revealed the professor seems to frequent a website for "busty college girl fu..."

Reddit users were divided in the comments, with many pointing out the inappropriate slip-up or making jokes at the professor's expense.


"Well, he's in a position of authority, so there's this. He's basically playing with fire. Maybe he won't get burned. But he's definitely playing with fire," one user wrote.

"The best part is it's not a tab. It's a full bookmark," another pointed out.

"I mean, it's a bit scary considering the subject matter and his profession," someone else weighed in.

"And it's the very first bookmark on the bookmarks bar. Might as well be his homepage," a user commented.

"That thing was a dragged tab that ended up as a bookmark," someone else wrote, sharing how the bookmark may have ended up there in the first place.

While it's unclear what lesson the professor intended to teach, the real lesson here is that you should always rename your more... personal... bookmarks.

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