Getting hip-hop legends like The Notorious B.I.G., Tupac Shakur, Jay-Z and Eminem tatted on your body isn't anything new. However, one man took it a step further and got all four of the icons inked on four fingers.

The Instagram post was originally uploaded by @squirrelpsgang. The video sees a man reserving a piece of real estate on his fingers for black and white portraits of Biggie, Pac, Hov and Slim Shady. The end product is incredibly dope. Now if only the man received one more rapper on his thumb, he'd never have to answer the "Who is your top five?" question again.

These tattoos join a long list of fans commemorating their musical heroes on their skin. Earlier this August, John Wall got Tupac and Lil Wayne inked on his skin. In an Instagram post, he described why getting the tattoos was important to him. “Baby wayne @liltunechi , Wolf Wall …..All these tattoo define my up bringing thru music and who I am !! #wallway #5Deep #BYB salute to them !!” posted Wall.

Wall wasn't alone in his appreciation for Weezy F. Baby. Drake got a Lil Wayne tattoo earlier this year and almost broke the internet with the amount of memes and jokes birthed at its expense. Drizzy also got a tattoo honoring Sade in June.

If you are interested in seeing more fans getting tattoos of rap stars check out XXL's countdown of some of the best hip-hop artwork to grace the human body.

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