This looks like a tragedy in the making. Read more about this upcoming movie here..

Master P has locked in Gucci Mane to be in an upcoming film that he is Executive Producing.  The name of the film is "Got Money". Now while I'm a fan of Master P and the good things that he has been doing the last decade, I'm not a fan of this... Why can't people make movies, music etc and not be in it (see Diddy, Jermaine Dupree)? Why can't Master P get a struggling actor from New York, LA, heck Flint and give them a shot. Why does he have to add Gucci and himself? First off neither one is an actor and secondly neither one's English is that great! Well never the less here's more about the film. Let's just hope they'll have subtitles for us!

The pair will star in the flick, which centers around a street hustler and "philosopher" experiencing a mid-life crisis.

Master P. plays a character named "Monster," who has his way with words and women.

Gucci plays "Big G," who is focused on steering Monster away from a life of crime for a career in the Hip-Hop business.

The two hustlers eventually snag $1 million dollars from a rival gang, just as Monster begins to settle down and renounce his former way of living.

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