If you were searching for the next viral sensation, look no further than Matt Ox's "Overwhelming" video, which has come from out of nowhere to take the web by storm.

The new song and visual finds Ox, who reps Philadelphia and looks to be the age of a middle school student, doing some serious flexing with street-oriented lyrics that bely his appearance. The new visual continuously switches between shots of Ox posted up with fellow pre-teens and clips of him with kids who seem to be a good bit older. Ox sits back, spitting about being "in the trenches" as he counts his money and bounces around in the video with all the energy of a hyperactive 11-year-old.

That jarring combination of frontline, street-ish bars and pre-teen amusement no doubt helps the video for "Overwhelming" video reach the benchmarks of other viral phenomenons. The part that sort of encapsulates those elements and pushed the clip over the edge might just be is the shots of Ox and his fellow pre-teens playing around with their fidget spinners.

At a little over the halfway point of the visual, we see Ox and his friends flashing the spinners as if they're wads of cash or expensive jewelry. If you've been on Twitter at all, there's a good chance you've seen the fidget spinners. They've literally been everywhere.

Peep the new video for yourself below.

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