McDonalds declared March 2nd National Egg McMuffin Day, and is celebrating by giving away free sandwiches this morning.

Yes they're free, and you need to do is download the McDonalds mobile app to take advantage. According to a press release from McDonalds, the decision was about celebrating the years of McDonalds breakfast. David Tovar, Vice President of U.S. Communications for McDonalds explained why March 2nd was chosen.

While we’re giving the Egg McMuffin its moment, we’re really honoring our breakfast fans who have woken up with McDonald’s breakfast for nearly 50 years. And we just thought, ‘hey, why not declare March 2 as National Egg McMuffin Day?

There is also a pretty big coincidence about McDonalds announcement of National Egg McMuffin Day to talk about.

March 2nd just happens to be the day that Wendy's is beginning to serve breakfast at all of their locations.

Who are we to question their motivation though? The two will be warring over breakfast for years to come, so you should probably just enjoy a free Egg McMuffin sandwich today, right?

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