A dark chapter of Meek Mill’s legal history has been closed for good.

On Tuesday (Aug. 27), The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that Meek Mill reached a deal in which he pleaded guilty to one misdemeanor gun charge but got all other charges against him dropped.

The Dream Chasers CEO pleaded guilty to illegal possession of a firearm stemming from his 2007 arrest. As a result, prosecutors dropped the other six charges from the same arrest. After being convicted of the same charges back in 2008, Meek was sentenced to five months behind bars and years of probation, the latter of which became the focal point of his social justice platform.

Speaking to the court after today's hearing, Meek expressed his gratitude.

"I'm very thankful from the bottom of my heart everybody that ever mentioned my name or said free meek or helped me get to this position," said Meek, who was sentenced to two-to-four years in prison for a probation violation related to his 2008 gun charge conviction back in November 2017. “Meek freed, I’m not on probation no more. Thank you, I appreciate that a lot. And I just wanted to come up here myself and thank all the supporters because I know y’all probably got family members in jail or people going through the same thing as me and I will continue to do what I do with the reform movement and help the people who helped me.”

This news comes one month after the rapper's 2008 gun and drugs conviction was thrown out by the Pennsylvania Superior Court and Meek announced that he was off probation. The court agreed with Meek's assertion that his case had been adversely affected by the involvement of Officer Reginald Graham, a policeman who was accused of corruption.

After Meek was granted a new trial, it was up to prosecutors to decide whether they would pursue more punishment for the rapper. Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner has decided not to pursue the case any longer.

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