A rough week for Meek Mill just got worse. Following his recent spat with Maybach Music Group label mate Wale, Meek is reportedly in custody for probation violation and heading back to jail.

There are conflicting reports on just how much time Meek Mill will be serving. Fox 29 in Philadelphia says the rapper is set to spend three to six months behind bars for his parole violation. Karen Civil, a music industry source for news on hip-hop and R&B, has refuted this report, stating that Meek will only serve three to four weeks according to his team.

Whatever the time frame may be, the 'Dreams Worth More Than Money' creator's probation violation is the result of his "concerning behavior" in the eyes of Philadelphia's District Attorney. According to Fox 29, a photo posted on social media of Meek Mill holding a gun was an example of this behavior brought up by prosecutors.

This is not Meek Mill's first parole violation. The Philadelphia native had a drug and gun conviction in 2008, but was released in 2009 under a five-year parole agreement. His Dreams and Nightmares tour was canceled in December of 2012, due to another parole violation.

Last year, Meek violated his parole once again and was sentenced to etiquette classes for his conduct on social media. And just a few months ago, the rapper lost a civil lawsuit against Philadelphia police dating back to a 2012 detainment.

The BoomBox will keep you updated as the details of Meek Mill's sentence are confirmed.