A Bay City woman has been charged with embezzlement after stealing almost $5,000 in a Meijer credit card scam.

Court records show the 55-year-old Michelle M. Bokehart stole more than $4,700 after approaching Meijer customers and asking them if they wanted to apply for a Meijer credit card. Bokehart would receive $2 to $5 for every application. What became suspicious is when employees noticed Bokehart was filling out applications without customers around by using an iPad.

Bokehart earned a total of $5,300 in bonuses from the applications. According to Meijer management only 10% of her total applications were genuine. Bokehart claims that the number of real applications is much higher than 10%.

A warrant was issued for Bokehart's arrest on January 30th, and she voluntarily turned herself in and appeared in Bay County District Court on February 2nd.

Bokehart has been charged with using a computer to commit a crime and embezzlement.

Source: MLive.com





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