Mexican veteran wrestler Hijo del Perro Aguayo passed away last night while having a tag team match against Rey Mysterio.

I am shocked this doesn't happen more often but it is even more shocking to me because Perro was a 20 year veteran and he still ended up miscalculating a move that resulted in his death.In the video Perro and Manik fell on the ropes which meant Rey Mysterio was going for his finisher "619".

As soon as Perro fell on the ropes it is clear to see something isn't right and after Rey misses the "619" he slumps to the ground and doesn't move.

For a while no one checks on him as the match continues, not even the paramedics.

While he was in the hospital it was stated that Perro was unconscious but stable, later on during the night it was reported that he passed away most likely due to bleeding in the brain.

As a wrestling fan and watching all of the crazy moves performed it is crazy to think the cause of his death was by a dropkick.