A fire destroyed all 16 units at Traverse Woods Apartments in Petoskey after a resident lit off fireworks from one of the balconies of the apartment complex.

Authorities say 16 living units at the Traverse Woods Apartments in Petoskey are a total loss after someone lit fireworks off the the balcony at the complex.

Fire crews were called to the complex on Monday around 2 p.m., and spent hours battling the blaze.

Firefighters were forced to pull back from the blaze when the apartment roof began caving in.

Petoskey Fire Department stayed on the scene for several hours battling hot spots and trying to contain the fire.

No one was injured from the fire, but residents are still waiting to find out if pets survived.

Residents not only lost their homes, but also a number of vehicles parked by the complex that were also damaged.


Source: UpNorthLive.com