An announcement that the store you're shopping in is closing in 30 minutes is rarely enjoyed by millions.  But this is different.

Making closing time at a supermarket entertaining and going viral on TikTok have two things in common.  Number 1, they're both very difficult to do.  Number 2, a 23-year-old in Livonia, Michigan named David Culliton found a way to do both.  With hashtags like #cashierlife, #closingannouncementguy and #theatrekid, Culliton has gone stupid viral with his very entertaining and well thought out closing announcements.

On nights that David is working as a cashier at Busch's Fresh Food Market in Livonia he will give customers a thirty minute warning at 8:30 PM that the store is about to close.  He does so the only way he knows how.  Culliton talked to about how this whole thing got started.

It just started as something completely silly.  I’m a theater kid, so I just love any chance to get up and project my voice. I started asking my manager if I could do the closing announcement because I thought it would be cool.


The way a theatre kid would do it.  For example, with Ratatouille - Les sourds-doués playing in the background he received over 1.8 million views so far on this announcement...

My personal favorite is the video that spoofs Vincent Price's speech in the Michael Jackson's hit Thriller.  That video has nearly 900,000 views.

The very first tiktok on his account have been viewed nearly 80,000 times.


Do you know of someone in Michigan going viral?  Let us know in the comments.

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