A viral video of a high-speed chase is making the rounds online and people commenting on it say it took place in Flint, Michigan.

After watching the intense video It reminded me of a mixture of the popular video game Grand Theft Auto and the classic TV show The Dukes of Hazard.

TVLand Dukes of Hazzard Confederate

Some People Thought The High-Speed Chase Was Funny

Chad Ashbrooke on Facebook commented: "That mf truck built like a rock"

I'm assuming he's poking fun at the popular Chevy - Like A Rock Commercials that featured Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band's hit song "Like A Rock"

Other People Didn't Think This Was A Laughing Matter

Charles Williams asked people "What's funny? Would u laugh at life if that was ur yard that was damaged or ur car that was hit? Ppl tend to laugh til they hit their front door."

Flint Police High-Speed Chase Compared To Grand Theft Auto Video Game

Getty Images
Getty Images

Daniel Bulgarelli on Facebook said: "I see no army, not tanks, this is a solid 3-star chase maybe

Ka Kob on Facebook said: "Only 2 stars if it's the cops in cars. 3 stars are cops in helicopters. 4 and 5 stars are SWAT. 6 stars is for the army."

Erick Thomas Ollsonn on Facebook said: "When a State Trooper is chasing someone throwing fishtails in a neighbor's yard it's the felony Olympics"

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VIDEO: Flint Man Leads Police On A High-Speed Chase Part 1 (NSFW LANGUAGE)

VIDEO: Flint Man Leads Police On A High-Speed Chase Part 2 (NSFW LANGUAGE)

VIDEO: Flint Man Leads Police On A High-Speed Chase Part 3 (NSFW LANGUAGE)

I can't find an update on this story but I'm guessing the police were able to catch him and put him in jail which means GAME OVER.

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