Ah, yes…the drive-in.

No, not the drive-in theater where anyone could become an expert makeout artist, but the drive-in restaurant. You had to go cruisin’ and meet the opposite sex at a drive-in restaurant, THEN head out to the drive-in theater!

Many drive-ins from decades ago were the places to go, the places to be…the cool hangouts.

The food was quick, but the service wasn’t. Burgers, hot dogs, coneys, foot-longs, pizza, ice cream, fried chicken, french fries, milk shakes, malteds, cherry cokes, onion rings…..awesome teenage fodder-fuel that was needed to continue cruisin’ ‘til all hours.

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Those who were fortunate to grow up frequenting these establishments fondly recall the carhops, the trays that hung on the car window (and sometimes broke the window), at least once a night a whole tray of food would spill in the parking lot, the mixed smell of gasoline and fryer grease, rock ‘n roll blaring from dashboards, meeting & picking up a member of the opposite sex…..not to mention the clever restaurant names, signs, and mascots.

Below is a gallery of 25 old Michigan drive-in restaurants where all of the above was sure to happen. These are just a tip of the iceberg...there are plenty more!



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