You know that feeling of reaching into your coat pocket and pulling out $10 or more dollars you forgot about?  Or how about grabbing your clothes out of the dryer and finding a $20 dollar bill? I call it mystery money, and I love finding it.

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Chances are you remember putting it in your pocket, but what about money that is rightfully yours that you totally forgot about or did not know about at all? According to, the Michigan Department of Treasury has millions of dollars in lost or forgotten assets from dormant bank accounts, uncashed checks, valuables left in safe deposit boxes, and stock certificates. Did you read that right? Millions of dollars unclaimed and some of that money could be yours.

So how do you find out if you have any unclaimed property? Easily. All you need to do is search the Michigan Department of Treasury's Unclaimed Property database. It is super easy and super safe. You don't even have to enter your social security number (which I would never do) or your date of birth. If you have a last name or a business name, and a zip code - you can find your unclaimed money.

I checked to see if I had any unclaimed money and I literally had an answer in seconds. Unfortunately, I did not have any - but a few of my friends did, and you might too. What's the harm in checking? I am going to make a point to check periodically? What do I have to lose? Money, the answer is money.

Here's to you finding your unclaimed cash - visit the MI Dept of Treasury site here.

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