It shouldn't surprise anyone from Michigan that our state boasts the most educated city in the country, but it's also not surprising that we have a few near the bottom.

Wallethub put together the list of the most educated cities in American for 2018. They have a pretty complex formula for how they made the list, and you can check out the methodology here. They put together 11 different metrics and applied it to the top 150 cities in America based on population.

Michigan has quite a few cities on the list, including the top spot. Check out where the Michigan cities fall below.

1. Ann Arbor

22. East Lansing

57. Grand Rapids

83. Detroit/Warren/Dearborn

120. Flint

Check out the interactive map from Wallethub below.

Source: WalletHub

This may sound naive, but I'm surprised Flint is so low on the list. I know that opportunities to use a degree are probably lower in Flint, so most people with higher education move on. That has to hurt the overall score, but the quality of higher education in Flint is one of the best kept secrets of our city.

With U of M Flint, Mott Community College, Kettering, Baker, and a satellite Michigan State campus it's hard to rival the educational opportunities in Flint.



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