Would you like to buy an extended warranty on that vehicle you traded in six years ago? Or how about a lower interest rate on your credit cards?

You may soon be getting fewer robocalls if Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel gets her way. Nessel is introducing a plan to crack down on robocalls that target Michigan residents.

“Today, not only are we announcing Michigan’s Robocall Crackdown Team, we are positioning Michigan as the leading state in cracking down on the overwhelming amount of illegal robocalls targeting our residents,” Nessel added. “We’re also sending a clear message that illegal robocalls are not welcome here."

According to WZZM, Nessel's approach includes the use of a new website, mi.gov/robocalls to provide education and to track illegal robocalls. Also included is information about protecting yourself from scammers.

Nessel says her proposal will strengthen current law and enact new Michigan laws which will help to eradicate annoying robocalls. She also hopes to provide a blueprint for other states that wish to follow Michigan's lead.

In the meantime, make sure your phone numbers are registered on the national do not call registry, donotcall.gov.

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